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Oral Sex Toy
Sqweel 2 Sqweel 2
If one tongue is good, 10 tongues are better, right? 10 little tongues on a wheel! Yesss.

If you thought the Sqweel oral sex simulator couldn't get any hotter, get ready for Sqweel 2.This new, improved version of the popular pleasure toy features a squeal-inducing flicker mode. This thrilling new setting moves the 10 velvety-soft silicone “tongues” in a rapid flicker back and forth as they lap your clit, nipples, anus, perineum, balls, or penis in three varying speeds. The Sqweel 2 also offers a reverse rotation mode, for truly creative oral play. The tongues offer more intense pressure than the original model, plus they barely make a sound, clean up in a snap, and never suffer from lockjaw. Sqweel 2 is also splash proof, adding a new level of arousal to shower play, masturbation and partner sex. We all know that one tongue is good, but with the help of the Sqweel 2, you'll soon learn that ten tongues are even better.
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Sqwevee attachment Sqwevee attachment
Now Sqweel vibrates! Made of soft, skin-safe rubber, Sqweevee is the new case for Sqweel that holds your favourite vibrator too. The flexible case allows you to position your vibe just where you want it - so you can enjoy amazing oral stimulation and penetration at the same time!


Our Bliss Blog about the sqweel:

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