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Bliss Massage
Massage products for couples
Massage Oil Candle Massage Oil Candle

Soy wax and hemp wax make this candle burn at a lower temperature so that it does not burn when it hits your skin. As it melts, it turns into a very nice warm massage oil. Super fragrant and won't harden on your skin like normal candle wax. Scrumptious edible candle! 4 oz candle

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Making Love Massage Oil Making Love Massage Oil

A perfectly named natural vegetable based oil that is vanilla, kiwi pineapple or strawberry flavored and scented and has vitame E to make it a tasty and edible treat. Great for deep tissue massage and for foreplay. Subtle scent and flavor.

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Deluxe Massage Mitt Deluxe Massage Mitt

Give or get a memorable erotic massage with oil or in the shower.  Extra soft rubber nubs provide incredible stimulation.  Great gift along with our EROTIC MASSAGE book or DVD.  Feels great on extra sensitive areas like your inner thighs, back, breasts and much more. Some men even use it for masturbation. Pair it with a Silver Bullet and give an extra memorable massage to your partner.

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Erotic Massage Book Erotic Massage Book

 An illustrated, stroke by stroke massage guide for couples. This book is the finest available on the subject of erotic massage. This book teaches massage techniques and genital massage techniques. Very tasteful drawings diagram each stroke. Thoughtful text describes exactly how to give a deep tissue massage and then in the back of the book, goes into detail on the genital massage. Very tasteful pencil drawings and diagrams.

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Sex Kitten Edible Candle Sex Kitten Edible Candle
Sex Kitten's Wicked Wax Purrvert Strawberry is an edible massage oil candle that is 100% delicious!

Just light the candle to set the mood. Then allow the candle to burn until partially liquid. This warm liquid can then be poured into your hand, and applied to the skin of your lover like hot wax. Use your hands and then use it as a sensual strawberry massage oil. Then, let your tongue follow, tasting the delightful purrvert strawberry flavor on their skin

This little candle can do it all!

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Glow in the dark bubble bath Glow in the dark bubble bath
The Glow Bubbles™ bottle should be exposed to strong light prior to use. The longer and stronger the exposure – the better the results will be. Pour generously into running bath water and when ready, turn out the lights. Relax and enjoy the soft Glow Bubbles™. You may recharge the glow if you turn on the lights for a short time – but remember the results will be better if you close your eyes while the lights are on. So turn out the lights now and have a spectacular bath with your lover!
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Sheet Spray Sheet Spray
The pleasantly scented spray enhances the mood of romance. Spray on sheets and experience the silky softness as your sheets caress your skin. Absorbs odor and perspiration. Contains 4.05 ounces.  Great for improving your libido and elevating your mood. Hot date coming over? Spray some sheet spray on your carpet, towels, throw pillows....he doesn't stand a chance! Too shy to initiate some romantic fun? Use the sheet spray as your signal that "tonight's the night".
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