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Pin The Macho on the Man
50 Shades of Purple by Dr. Berman
50 Shades of Purple by Dr. Berman
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Silver Bullet Vibrator
Silver Bullet Vibrator
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Bait & Captivate Diva Style…Spray-On Sex Power!
Bait & Captivate Diva Style…Spray-On Sex Power!
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Remember Pin the tail on the donkey? Well now you can Pin the Mancho on the Man! Just fill in the each guests name on the unit that most applies to them. Pin or tape the Mancho poster to the wall. Pass out units one at a time and have each guest read the poem and show off their unit. Blindfold guest and apply pin or tape to the unit. Spin guest around and then point them in the right direction. Wherever the unit touches the poster first, either leave unit hanging or write guests name on the poster. The closest unit to the bullseye wins! Measures 24x36, 15 cartoon units w/ poems and 10 extra generic units(incase you want to use your own imagination)

Price: $18.00

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